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LuisFer - Alive (Come on let's party) 720p - HD



I am ready to start
Friends are coming all right
Ready to shine all night
Let's get away don't care who´s gonna stay
The time is right i got everything
I'm not sleeping now I'll sleep when the sun rise up
Show me the lights keep turning me on
The shine gets brighter i'm not alone
Don't care about tomorrow, i'm already load
I'm alive
Come on let's party
All night
People get wasted
All right
Wild and crazy
All night
Because i feel fine
And the party just started
People wasted
(All around the floor)
A few naked
(Get it loud and low)
And i'm tasting
The sweetest mouths in town
Is getting hot in here
I feel it right now
My blood is burning
And the music is on
Don't care about tomorrow
I'm already load
I'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive yeah
Dont know why
But now i think of you
And i close my eyes
The first time
That i saw you
A fire began
I shake my head
My friends come by
Gave me two shots
And now i am back
The craziest party in my life
Will mess around whit girls all night
(Chorus) , End.

(come on let's party)


ODAS - Me Tengo Que Ir [Video Clip Oficial]

ODAS - Me Tengo Que Ir [Official Video Clip]
 Album: Al Final Video
Director: 15:01 Studios
 Video Producer: ODAS © 2013 MegaFono Records

 FIND US ON/ ENCUENTRANOS EN: Official Website: Itunes: FaceBook: Twitter: YouTube:



Dual Namida tiempo

Este es un video tomado de lo que fue la primera presentacion en television de Dual Namida, en esta ocacion fue en programa "Zona Vip" que tuvo el agrado de invitarnos. La cancion titula "tiempo" siendo en este video solo un demo para que conozcan un poquito de la banda, Esperemos que les guste !


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